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Fontana Defective Products LawyerEach year tens of thousands of products, such as household items and automobiles, are recalled due to substandard or dangerous performance, poor quality, designs faults, and other perilous defect conditions. Recalls of consumer products like toys, food, drugs, vehicles, and machines can be done voluntarily by a company or by the order of governmental agencies. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are examples of entities which have the authority to issue warnings or recalls. Despite the regulation of product safety, cases of consumers being seriously injured or killed by dangerous or deadly products have continued to rise. It is reported that the number of consumer product recalls has grown 60 percent in less than a decade. This translates into millions of units subject to recall each year. Despite the push to inform the public and manufacturers’ attempt to produce error-free products, injuries and deaths still occur. If you or someone you care about is the victim of a dangerous product, you need a skilled Fontana Defective Products Attorney to help navigate a claim for compensation.

Defective Products Law/Product Liability – What is it?

When manufacturers produce products for consumers that fail to perform properly or as advertised, blatantly endanger the public,  and/or cause injury or death it falls under the personal injury subcategory of Defective Product or Product Liability law. In many instances, consumers must either repair the product at their own expense or altogether buy a new one. Fortunately, there are remedies under the law in which consumers can hold manufacturers accountable for damages incurred and for injuries suffered. Defective products are particularly dangerous and even deadly when they have fundamental failures in operation, or have missing or misleading warnings. Vehicle defects, dangerous children’s products, and hazardous medical substances and devices are considered among the most egregious examples of product liability, as the outcome can be specifically dreadful.

Types of Product Liability

  • Manufacturing defect – (the most common occurrence)  means that the original design of the product is deemed safe, but that something happened during the manufacturing process to make the product unsafe.
  • Design defect – product is inherently dangerous based on its design alone.
  • Failure to warn (also known as marketing defects) – product had some sort of inherent danger and that the manufacturer of the product had a legal duty to warn of this danger but failed to do so.

As American consumers, we have generally expect that a product we bring into our home or use on a daily basis is free from dangerous or deadly defects. Manufacturers can and should be held responsible when a product causes property damage, injury or death due to their negligence, both to compensate an injured consumer, but also help ensure corrective action is taken, and this does not happen to other people.

U.S. Recall Information

The U.S. government has created**, a collaboration of six federal agencies, to help alert consumers about product recalls. Wikipedia defines a product recall as “… a request to return a product after the discovery of safety issues or product defects that might endanger the consumer or put the maker or seller at risk of legal action.” The website offers a convenient place to get and/or report information on a particular product. It is broken down into the following categories, with specific links to the appropriate governing agency:

**It should be noted that ONLY lists government-initiated recalls from federal agencies, not all recalls on all products. The website allows you to sign up for free email notifications on their recalls. It is also not a resource for seeking compensation or initiating a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

How We Can Help

If you are a Fontana or Inland Empire area resident and have been injured or suffered property damage as a result of a defective product claim, it is critical that you contact a Fontana Personal Injury Lawyer at Banner Attorneys today. We can review your claim and guide you to your next step. Types of financial damages you may be legally entitled to include costs for your medical treatment, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering and emotional distress. If a death occurred, you may be able to file a wrongful death suit. Let us help you evaluate the merits of your case and determine who is responsible. Sometimes liability is not clear-cut. There may be multiple parties who may be at-fault or contributory to your accident. Brian Banner has been dedicated to fighting for victims of personal injury for almost two decades.  He and his team will seek justice on your behalf and will work diligently to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you and your family.

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Defective product accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. Brain damage, burns, amputations, scars, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries are common. Victims often need extended and expensive medical treatments and may no longer be able to work and support their families.  You need experienced legal representation immediately if you suffered an injury in a products liability case.  It can be a very complicated process. Do not try to navigate a legal claim alone. Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact Banner Attorneys at  (909) 681-1622 for a free and confidential initial consultation.